Lazy Ad Calls

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Lazy Ad Calls

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We currently support fetching ads from 3rd party sources using VAST in our Ad Players. However, the previous behaviorwas to pre-fetch 3rd party ads directly at the time of the initial ad request, even for breaks that appear late during the ad session. This is not optimal for all third party ad sources, especially when serving into post-roll breaks, since they sometimes track impressions on request, rather then on ad show. We have therefore implemented the Lazy Ad Calls functionality.




Lazy Ad Calls enables our ad player to make an ad request to 3rd party sources just in time for the break, rather than on session start. This means that the 3rd party ad will get requests a few seconds before the ad is going to be shown, rather than at the start of the ad session.




This feature is dependent on integrations using our latest Flash Ad Player. VAST integrations require the player or other party to request ads just in time for the break itself.