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Why do ads fail on iPhone/iPad/Android/Tablets/PC?

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Why do ads fail on iPhone/iPad/Android/Tablets/PC?

by Community Manager on ‎03-13-2015 12:02 PM - edited on ‎08-09-2016 01:22 AM by Ooyalan (665 Views)

Things to check:

  1. Is your ad request picked up by the correct device container?
  2. Did you select the correct device container in the "Add new ad" page?
  3. Is the ad targeted against the corresponding device group? 
  4. Are you using our auto-transcoding feature?
  5. If you are not using the auto-transcoding feature, do the files you uploaded follow the specification for the device you want to target?
    • To serve ads to iPhone & iPad, the creative needs to be MP4 format as .FLV is Flash and is not supported on iPhone & iPad. By using our auto transcoding features you avoid this problem.
  6. Are you using 3rd party ad sources?
    • If so, are they returning the necessary assets for the targeted device? Our iOS SDK is very strict when it comes to VAST validation so it might be that the ad is working fine in an Android integration while not working on iPhone/iPad.