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Why is an ad muted after clicking on it?

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Why is an ad muted after clicking on it?

by Community Manager on ‎03-17-2015 12:50 PM - edited on ‎08-09-2016 01:40 AM by Ooyalan (640 Views)

This is the intended design behind clicking an ad:


  • When the user clicks the ad, he ends up at the destination URL to navigate the site. The ad video continues to play on mute so it doesn't disturb the user while navigating through the destination site (the ad video keeps playing but the user doesn't need to see the video since they already opted in to see the actual site).
  • When the ad video is done playing, the player pauses until the user gets back from visiting the destination page. The user can then click play and the next pre-roll is shown or the actual content, depending on the amount of pre-rolls configured. 

This behavior is built into the player and something we have evaluated and decided on after doing a lot of research into how to do this best.