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Why isn't my fill rate 100% when all my campaigns are lagging after their goals?

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Why isn't my fill rate 100% when all my campaigns are lagging after their goals?

by Community Manager on ‎03-13-2015 12:04 PM - edited on ‎08-09-2016 01:15 AM by Ooyalan (577 Views)

Things to check:

  1. Are the campaigns that are lagging after their goals really targeted against the segment where spare inventory is available?
  2. Could part of the spare inventory come from a certain ad format that is not present in the campaigns?
    • For example, post-roll inventory not being used because no post-roll campaigns have been booked.
  3. Do campaigns booked with 3rd party ad sources fail to answer with an ad every time?
  4. Are ad blockers a problem on the client's site?

Almost everything, from your player, user behaviour, 3rd party timeouts, targeting, campaign pacing, and so, affects the fill rate.


The most common reason for having unused inventory is that you unknowingly create "pockets" of inventory that can not be reached by any campaigns.

  • Example: An insertion policy set to deliver 5 mid-roll ads requires you to always have 5 separate goals ready to deliver at EVERY request. The users also need to watch all the 5 mid-rolls so as to not cause inventory with no associated impressions.

If you look at the fill rate on separate segments, such as device and format type, you see that it can actually be higher on some segments and lower on others. It is very likely that the campaigns targeted to these segments are not enough to fill all the inventory.


Even if there are campaigns to fill all "pockets" of inventory, you can still have issues with the campaigns using 3rd party ad sources because these do not return ads every time, or return them too slowly, which causes the player to time out. Having passbacks enabled for your account only helps when 3rd parties return empty responses, so you can try another one. If the 3rd party returns a VPAID ad that takes too long to load, it does not matter if there are passbacks in the chain because the player needs to skip all ads and move to content. 


The best approach to solve these situations is to look at real examples where you see no ads delivering. Try pointing out an example where you can see that you are not always getting ads as you would expect. Technical support can then check what goes on during these instances.