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Ooyala Pulse Categories and Content Targeting

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Ooyala Pulse Categories and Content Targeting

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Using Content Targeting


When you've set up your campaign in Pulse, you need to use ”Content targeting” to target it to specific categories. Content targeting is found in the targeting settings on global, campaign and goal level. For more information on targeting rules, refer to Targeting Rules.



You have a category called ”Sports”. To make sure that the campaign is always served on that category, you need to:

  1. Expand the desired campaign and locate the Campaign Targeting section.
  2. Expand the Content Targeting tab. 
  3. Select Include.This means the campaign will be delivered to all players sending any category/share alias that corresponds to the chosen content category.
  4. From the Select content to includepage, select the box next to the category ”Sports".
  5. Click Save.

Note: Exclude settings always override include settings. If a content category is both included and excluded, it results in the campaign not being delivered on that category.


In order to deliver the campaign on the category "Sports", Pulse expects that the request from the player includes the following parameter:

  • s=sports (”sports” is an example for the alias that the category currently has)

Within the Account tab in Pulse, you can go to the category ”Sports" and modify the current alias for that category. For more information, refer to Category Aliases.


Adding Wildcards to a Category Alias


Pulse can  also read wildcards (*) in the aliases. An alias for a category can look like "sports*", which means that all tags beginning with sport will be included.

  • When the player makes an ad request and sends several category aliases containing ”sports", for example "sports-football" and "sports-racing”, Pulse will accept each of these variations for calling this category.


  • The wildcard (*) is used when setting the category alias in Pulse, but it CANNOT be used in the ad request from the player integration.
  • If you have two categories, for example category1 with alias sports* and category2 with alias sport*, when the player sends the alias "sports-football” in the request, the campaign targeted to category1 will be delivered because it has the longest match.