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Release Notes - 09/10/2014 - Ooyala Plugin, iOS8 Compatibility

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Release Notes - 09/10/2014 - Ooyala Plugin, iOS8 Compatibility

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IMPROVED Ooyala flash plugin


Released 03/09/2014

We have made a major rewrite of our Ooyala Flash plugin based on our lastest version of the Flash SDK.

The new plugin include 175 bug fixes and 25 new features, including passbacks, pause ads, lazy loading of 3rd party ads, ad hoc ad request, and generally improved feedback back to the integration.

This new version of the Ooyala plugin is not yet integrated in Ooyala's Backlot UI, but it will be in the upcoming weeks.

Further reading on how to do our integration: Ooyala integration guide (link to Videoplaza's developer portal)


IMPROVED iOS 8 Compatibility


Official support from 18/09/2014

Our iOS SDK officially started to support iOS 8 on the day of it's release.


IMPROVED Errors for failing tracking links in Flash SDK


Current iteration available from version, which was released 29/08/2014

Throughout this year we have, and will continue to, improve and extended the feedback from the Flash SDK with a wider range of ad errors. The latest addition though are errors for failing tracking links. For more information see the pages about VpAdPlayerWrapper and VpEventType in Flash SDK's API reference.

The new errors have also been added to the Flash SDK's JavaScript Event API, for more information about it see Developer portal article.