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Release Notes - 3/06/2015 - Ooyala Pulse Notifications, New Currencies

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Release Notes - 3/06/2015 - Ooyala Pulse Notifications, New Currencies

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NEW Improved notifications in Ooyala Pulse


Released 2015/03/03

Notifications in Pulse have recently gone through a revamp. By hovering the notification icon to the left in the campaigns overview, Pulse users can get instant information of campaign status and if a running campaign is predicted to not reach its target. Users can then drill down on campaign, goal and all the way down to ad level for more details.


Until this release, Pulse users had to go through a list of notifications to be able to address specific campaign issues, with this new feature in place, it is a lot easier for ad ops to be able to quickly understand and take actions to make sure campaigns will reach their goals.

The new notifications are enabled for all clients.

Notification on campaign level, users can drill down on goal and ad level for more details.


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NEW New currencies added to Ooyala Pulse


Released 2015/03/05

Pulse has recently been updated to support more currencies and to the list have now been added Singapore dollar, Malaysian ringgit, Thai baht, Hong Kong dollar and Chinese yuan. With new currencies in place, more clients are now able to work in Pulse in their own currencies. The new currencies can be configured in Pulse settings,contact your local account manager for more info.


Configuration of currencies in Pulse settings


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