Ad formats - Creative Specification

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Ad formats - Creative Specification

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The Creative Asset Specification contains specifications and recommendations on creating the digital ad format files for your campaigns in Ooyala Pulse. You get detailed knowledge on how to build ads that work and look good for all video players and devices supported by Ooyala. 

If you are using the Pulse Asset Factory for automatically generating assets that play on any device you wish to target, you can basically upload any file and we will generate assets that work. We still have some recommendations which are described in Source Files for Asset Factory Specifications.


There are four main categories of ad formats available in Ooyala Pulse, which comprise the Format Family:


  • Standard Formats: include pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls, seek-rolls and overlays in different variations. These can be static or contain interactive elements. They can be booked as sponsor bumpers and with combined display elements like companion banners outside the video player. These formats are the obvious choice for long form content and are available on all devices.
  • Premium Formats: create an interactive and engaging experience for the viewer. Takeover is a traditional linear ad, which takes over the full screen when the ad is showing. Ad Selector allows a viewer the option to select which advert they want to watch, with a range of 2-6 different adverts to choose from. Pause ads start playing when the viewer pauses video content. These formats can generate a higher yield and provide a premium position for the advertiser.
  • Format Partners: Ooyala has partnerships with a range of best of breed format partners and ad format specialists such as Innovid and Brainient. The Ooyala platform is compliant with the leading video industry standards - VAST and VPAID, ensuring we can deliver interoperability between different ad serving technologies and video players.
    Note: The Partner ad formats requires an additional contract between the publisher and each partner.
  • Custom Formats: a service enabling publishers to offer and serve unique ad formats without impacting their high priority internal development projects. We can work with you to build custom formats specific to your needs.

For more detailed information refer to Creative Asset Specification. Feel free to share this page with anyone.