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Videos not uploading



I'm having a problem where whenever I try to upload videos onto Ooyala backlot it uploads up to 99% and then stops. Does anyone else have this problem/know how I could fix it?





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Re: Videos not uploading

Hello Gillian!


My name is Alfredo and i am part of the Ooyala Technical Support team. I will gladly assist you with this issue.


As i can not identify this asset on my side, are you able to share your backlot email so i can check what is happening?


Also, if you're able to grant access to our technical support team so we can dig deeper into this, we will be able to determine what is happening:


1. Login to the relevant Backlot account
2. Navigate to the Account tab
3. Select the section Account Settings
4. Go to the lower right corner and select the period of time you deem appropriate
5. Click the Update button


Please let me know about this,