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Content Unavailable Message

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Content Unavailable Message

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"Content Unavailable" error message.





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You have a range of possibilities as a source for this error. Essentially, it means content is not getting to the player. Some of the possible sources for this error are:



1. The video was deleted from Backlot.

2. There is an encoding storage issue.

3. SAS issues.

4. Geo or Domain restrictions using syndication control.

5. Your content is blocked because authentication failed.

6. Your content is blocked because of a bug.



RESOLUTION 1 - If the video was deleted from Backlot

 Re-upload the video into your Backlot account.

If you need to recover a deleted video, contact our support team for assistance.

RESOLUTION 2 - If the issue is related to SAS or Storage.

The error message will display Content Unavailable: the requested bitrate is not available.  When you see this specific error, please contact Ooyala support for assistance.


RESOLUTION 3 - If the video has geo or domain restrictions.

In this case, the error screen will state that the video is not authorized for the domain or country.


It may be possible that a geo restriction is preventing the videos from playing. If this is the case, contact your Backlot account administrator to change the syndication control settings of the video.