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Downloading a Source Video File

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Started ‎01-26-2016 by
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Downloading a Source Video File

by Community Manager on ‎01-26-2016 09:01 AM (6,769 Views)

These are the steps to download a source file:

1.- Go to
2.- Check "Your Account" option which is on top right corner of the page.
3.- Enter you API KEY and API SECRET. (You can find them in [ACCOUNT -> Developers] option in Backlot).
4.- Do a [GET] request to /v2/assets/:embed_code/streams API route. (Where :embed_code is the embed code of the asset).
5.- Look for the stream which has "is_source" value set to true.
6.- Use the URL under "url" value to download the source file.
7.- Right click on the video frame and click the "Save Video As.." option.