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FAQ: Backlot update on 5/2/2017 (Updated on May 15th)

Started ‎05-02-2017 by
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FAQ: Backlot update on 5/2/2017 (Updated on May 15th)

by Ooyalan ‎05-02-2017 03:19 PM - edited ‎05-15-2017 04:34 PM (1,135 Views)

Q. What is included in this Backlot Update?

A. This update enables differentiation of player management in the Backlot Publish tab for Player V4. In addition, it will alter the Manage tab in terms of player versions. Specifically, Player V3 vs. V4 is differentiated when the player is created, and carriers over to when the player is associated to an asset. It also adds the ability to convert a V3 Player to V4 Player.

The major changes that will be noticed by customers includes:


  • In the Publish tab, the configurations available for a V3 player vs. a V4 player are different (some features in V3 are not available in V4, and vice-versa)
  • Players can be converted between a V3 and V4 and back

  • Customer accounts created after May 2nd will not have the ability to create V3 players. If this is needed, please contact Tech Support to enable.


The player preview in both the Publish and Manage tabs will not correlate to the version of configuration. That is, a player configured to be V3 will have a V3 preview, and a V4 player configuration will preview using V4. NOTE: Since all current players in Backlot were created before the V4 player option was available, you will all have a Player V3 preview until they are converted to V4 in Backlot, even if they are embedded as a V4 player in your websites.

Q. Why am I seeing the V3 player in all Player Previews now?

The player preview is tied to the Player version set in Backlot now. So if the player is converted to Player V4, it will then see a Player V4 for Player and Asset previews. Since all existing players are marked as “V3” player (even if embedded in your website with a V4 embed code), all current players will preview with player V3. This has no impact on your current player embeds.


The changes that you can see now:


1. Player Preview will use v3 (before the deploy, it was player using player v4.6.9)

2. When a new Player is created in Backlot, if you have an older Backlot account, you will have an option to choose between a V3 and V4 player. You can also convert players from V3 to V4. This currently only changes the embed, it does not yet dynamically conver the player where it’s embedded. New Backlot accounts will only be able to create V4 Players.

3. Channels and Channel Sets are marked as Deprecated.

Q. In this update, Channels are noted as "Deprecated". What does this mean?

A. This is the beginning of ending support for Channels. However, they continue to function as normal with Player V3, including the APIs. They are not supported (and hidden from the UI) for channel V4.

Q. In this update, I can convert Players from V3 to V4, and vice-versa. What does that do?

A. By converting the player, it will alter the embed script as well as remove any controls that are not available (not supported) between the two players. Additionally, if this player is currently live and embedded as a V3 player, this option will now automatically update the player on hour website from a V3 to a V4 player (takes up to 1 hour for the change reflect) . WARNING: If your V3 player has been customized, those customizations may cause problems when converted to a V4 player. We strongly recommend instead embedding a new player V4 to be safe. Additionally, when converting the player between versions, player UI parameters that are not supported between players are lost, and will need reset after converting back. Backlot provides warning messages for these actions.

Q. Why isn't the site updated with a V4 player if I change it to a V4 player from V3?

A. If you are using the V3 embed JS, this will begin happening later this week when we also deploy the Valhalla script to do this. It won't be included with today's release