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Can AWS host a HLS link that can change at a whim?

Hi everyone,

Situation: I want AWS to host a HLS link which I can change at a whim (so, not hard coded) to guide devices like the Roku, Fire TV, Alexa, Apple TV, where the HLS link is. Currently my programs tell devices to go to Ooyala then Ooyala tells the device where to get HLS link. So, I want to cut out Ooyala and just use AWS to tell devices where to get the HLS link (at CDN).


Problem: Does anyone know if it is possible or another solution? if so, what do I need and what to research? I was thinking something along the lines of writing a script and a static IP.


If you have an idea, please label a few steps for me, so I can get an idea the possibilities!


Thank you,


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Re: Can AWS host a HLS link that can change at a whim?

Dear Amelia,


       Thank you for writing to us and that's an interesting question. Could you please comment on the below; It would be easier for me to discuss with our engineers.


1. Are you using Ooyala SDK product like IOS/Android SDK or Ooyala Player? If so details;