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Can i make video container responsive?


Is it possible to make video container responsive? I need to make my video fluid, but what i've tried - anyways i need to set fixed height to the container. Otherwise video is not displayed. I've tried setting up max-height and max-width of video container - doesnt work.
How can i make it totally fluid?


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Re: Can i make video container responsive?

Our player is factory responsive so here is a code example of the things that you need in order to implement a responsive player.


<script src="//player.ooyala.com/static/v4/production/latest/core.min.js"></script>
<script src="//player.ooyala.com/static/v4/production/latest/video-plugin/main_html5.min.js"></script>
<script src="//player.ooyala.com/static/v4/production/latest/skin-plugin/html5-skin.min.js"></script>
<script src="//player.ooyala.com/static/v4/production/latest/video-plugin/bit_wrapper.min.js"></script>

<script src="//player.ooyala.com/static/v4/production/latest/skin-plugin/html5-skin.min.js"> </script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="//player.ooyala.com/static/v4/production/latest/skin-plugin/html5-skin.min.css"/>

<title>V4 Player Example</title>

<div id="container1" ></div>
var playerParam = {
'pcode':'YOUR  PCODE HERE',
'playerBrandingId':'YOUR PLAYER ID HERE',

OO.ready(function() {window.pp = OO.Player.create('container1', 'EMBED CODE HERE ', playerParam);});

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Re: Can i make video container responsive?

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