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Choosing a video player

Hi, We are looking into adding an online video player to our site and have met with the likes of: Kaltura, Brightcove, JWPlayer and Ooyala. All of them seem great but all very similar. We do a lot of live streaming, have a lot of VOD content and are looking to monetize from ads.

How do we choose between them? What is the main difference between these players and a free player from Video.JS or AOL? Regarding monetization what can we as a DIY site expect to see as far as CPMs?

Any info will be really appreciated

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Re: Choosing a video player

Hi there,

I'd be happy to address any specific questions you have regarding our products and services, particularly as it pertains to helping you monetize both your Live and VOD content seamlessly across multiple platforms.

Please send me a note at andrew<at>ooyala.com.