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ChromeCast receiver application


  I am Praveen iOS developer new to OOYALA, we are creating Application for chromecast device, we struck into google limitation,

we posted issue in chromecast google support https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/72475424  


Your problem is:

   I want to play youtube video from iOS application in ChromeCast device connect with TV but it does not support,  that because ChromeCast only play extension videos [Examples of supported streams are .mp4, .m3u8, .ism, .mpd, etc], we started creating custom receiver application ChromeCast device but unable to achieve goal, when I play video.. it open video player and stop immediately.. how your SDK help us solve your problem?


Goal: play the youtube video from the iOS device to ChromeCast with receiver application. 


Please help us to solve this problem.







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Re: ChromeCast receiver application

Hello, Praveen!


Got your question.

I'd like to ask you to give us some time to dig into this.

Meanwhile, have you already reviewed the support articles we have here:



Thank you!

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Re: ChromeCast receiver application



It seems that Ooyala ChromeCast receiver appliaction had such functionality, but it has been deprecated some time ago.

Please see the following page for more details: Uploading a YouTube Video


Please let us know if you have any questions!

Thank you!