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Comparison Operators for Segments

I have a video implemented in my html page. The video is configured from Ooyala player. I need to do video tracking through Omniture. I have already made the below changes in appmeasurement.js file. Also have configured custom variables but still couldn't track video analytics in omniture. Any help on this would be deeply appreciated.

s.Media.autoTrack= true; s.Media.trackVars="events,prop3,eVar1,eVar2,eVar3"; s.Media.trackEvents="event9,event10,event8,event12,event11,event13,event7" s.Media.trackMilestones="25,50,75"; s.Media.playerName="ooyalaplayer"; s.Media.segmentByMilestones = true; s.Media.trackUsingContextData = true; s.Media.contextDataMapping = {   "":"eVar2,prop3",   "":"eVar3",   "a.contentType":"eVar1",   "":"event8",   "":"event9",   "":"event10",   "":"event7",   "":{
     75:"event13"   } } 

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Re: Comparison Operators for Segments



Thank you for reaching out to Ooyala. I am sorry to hear that you're having a bad time while integrating the Omniture analytics plugin with our Ooyala player. I have found some useful information that will help you achieve this integration, please refer to:


You can also have a look one of our examples on GitHub:


Please let me know if you have any more questions.


Kind regards,


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Re: Comparison Operators for Segments

Hi Include this Code in your Video HTML i am Sure that your Video will Works.


<script src="<player_branding_id>"</script>
<div id='playerContainer'></div>


 And Let me Know if any errors available... Thank you 

For more Details Visit:

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Re: Comparison Operators for Segments

This is great information thanks for Updating.