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Content Management Systems

Ooyala WordPress Plugin


The Ooyala WordPress plugin makes it easy to browse through your video library and embed videos on WordPress web site pages and blog posts.

To download the plugin, go to



Ooyala Drupal Module


The Ooyala Drupal module provides tight integration with the Ooyala, including:

  • Uploading directly to Ooyala from the node form
  • Automatic publishing of content when processing is completed by Ooyala
  • Automatic pulling of thumbnails from Ooyala based on Backlot settings
  • Bulk import of existing Ooyala videos from Backlot

To download the plugin, go to



Sitecore Plugin


The Sitecore Ooyala Plugin allows customers to syndicate, view, and embed video housed in Ooyala's video platform within Sitecore's UI. From Sitecore you can:

  • Sync videos, channels, and labels to Ooyala's video platform
  • Embed a video or channel from Sitecore's CMS
  • Upload new videos into Ooyala's video platform
  • Search for videos by titles and metadata
  • Modify video function
  • Associate a player to a video
  • Modify video metadata
  • Analytics on number of views, top videos by visitors and engagement

To download the Ooyala Connect module, go to the Sitecore Developer Network (requires credentials).




Microsoft Sharepoint is a web CMS that helps groups work together to create websites that manage reports and collateral and share knowledge with internal teams.

Use the Ooyala-Sharepoint Plugin to:

  • Edit and delete video assets within Sharepoint’s Media Library
  • Upload video assets with Sharepoint’s Media Uploader
  • Search by title, description, label and status in Media Library views
  • Change player settings like start/edit screen and sharing options

To download the plugin, go to



Adobe CQ5


Adobe CQ5 is a web CMS with a productive, easy-to-learn authoring environment to help you create your web library. CQ5 uses a simple drag-and-drop interface and intuitive controls for SEO, scheduled delivery, and landing page optimization (including real-time A/B and multivariate tests).

Use the Ooyala-Adobe CQ5 Plugin to:

  • Drag and drop video assets using CQ Sidekick
  • Edit and delete video assets
  • Search videos by title, description, labels, and custom metadata
  • Sync assets uploaded in Adobe CQ5 so they appear in Backlot

To download the plugin, go to

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