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Custom controls on Android

According to the documentation located here: http://help.ooyala.com/video-platform/concepts/mobile_sdk_android_custom_controls.html


The Ooyala Mobile SDK folder includes a directory named Default Controls. Copy the following files from this folder to the project source folder:
Rename the following control files to create your code base for custom fullscreen and inline controls.
OptimizedOoyalaPlayerLayoutController.java (e.g. MyLayoutController.java)
DefaultOoyalaPlayerInlineControls.java MyInlineControls.java)
Edit the base code to create your custom inline and fullscreen controls.


The only version of the Android Ooyala SDK that I've managed to find is packed into a JAR file which contains compiled code. I ran the DefaultOoyalaPlayerInlineControls file through a decompiler but it's very difficult to work with in this fashion.


Is there any place I can get these original source files from?

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Re: Custom controls on Android



Thanks for contacting us! I am Marco and I will be helping you on this.


I am confirming this with the team which is responsible for the Android SDK. I will come back with an answer as soon as I got the information.



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Re: Custom controls on Android



For security reasons, the source files can't be distributed. However, we have an example that you may find useful, as it is related to the customization of the controls. Feel free to use it as a base for your project:




Let us know if you have any other question!



Marco Velasco

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