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Interactive videos

At the end of a video, how do I show a modal with some options for the viewer to select and based on the selection it load another video? Can the same be done in the middle of a video where the video pauses to show some options to the viewer and when the viewer chooses an option it plays something that is based off the selected option?

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Re: Interactive videos

Hi vkviswa,


Based on your description, are you looking at displaying relevant videos for the users? If yes, we do have this Discovery feature which will display recommended videos to users at the end of the video. However, this feature needs to be enabled. I would suggest that you speak to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) if you are looking at having this feature. For details on this Discover feature, you can refer to


Let me know if you have further questions on this. However, do correct me if I am wrong here.




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Re: Interactive videos

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