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Is the player Responsive?

I've read that the player can be factored for responsive design, but I really haven't had much luck.  If I set the player to 100% width and Height, the players hieght takes up the entire screen.  If I set the height to null, 0, or dont include it, I still get the same efftect.  


Has anyone created a working version of a fully responsive player?  Seems like this should be a no brainer. 

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Re: Is the player Responsive?

Hi jalbert,


You can do this in two different ways:


1. You can try setting the height and width in DIV style of the ooyala player with the max prefix, for example:


<div id="ooyalaplayer" style="max-width: 640px;max-height: 360px;"></div>


This will set the player to that maxim dimensions and if the browser window is smaller, the player will resize to fit the window.


2. You can create a parent DIV to a fixed size and call the player inside with a 100% height and width dimensions:


<div id="parentdiv" style="width: 640px;height: 360px;">

<div id="ooyalaplayer" style="width:100%;height:100%;"></div>



Let me know if anything of this works for you.


Ramon G.
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Re: Is the player Responsive?

With max prefixes it doesnt work

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Re: Is the player Responsive?

If i set max height to the container video-player dissapears. Any solution to have container responsive? Or anyways container is needed to be set with fixed height and width?

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Re: Is the player Responsive?

Please review the following implementation; http://se.ooyala.com/ts/antonio/hackathon_gdl.html


The suggestion explained in this post was for the old Player V3, which is now deprecated. In my link, we use the Ooyala Player V4.