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Ooyala SDK for Exoplayer -- segment URL



I am using Ooyala android mobile SDK and playing a HLS video. I need access to the index/identifier of the "video segment" (the .ts file in HLS case), that is being loaded. I can register to listen to the event "


But, this only tells me that the segment download has started. It does not tell me any identification of the segment that is being downloaded now. I can from logcat logs in Android Studio that ExoPlayer underneath is logging the entire segment URL. But, I can't access this programatically. Is there any way I can get this information from code?


Has any one tried integrating with other analytics SDKs that provides this information? Is that something I should be trying?


Thanks for your attention.

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Re: Ooyala SDK for Exoplayer -- segment URL

Hello ooyalamobileuse,


I am running a few tests to try and achieve the behavior you have described. Please allow me a couple of days and I will get back to you with my results.



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Re: Ooyala SDK for Exoplayer -- segment URL

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Sorry for the late response but unfortunately you can not access the chunk ID that you are downloading  What you can use is the percentage of the buffering with getBufferPercentage ()