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Remove the blur effect when a video is paused

We're using the v4 version of the player with the standard skin:


 When a video is paused, it blurs the screen and darkens. Can this be customised or removed?



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Re: Remove the blur effect when a video is paused

Hello, sdouglas!


Player V4 provides a default CSS file with detailed settings that define the Player V4 user interface.


In particular, blur effect on the pause screen is adjustable using the following class

.oo-player-container .oo-blur class

You might be interested in reviewing the following page Customizing the Player V4 Appearance Using CSS


Please let us know you have any questions!


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Re: Remove the blur effect when a video is paused


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VLC additionally has an choice underneath the video menu to take a image of the record you’re viewing. It’s pleasant to pause and navigate through in preference to seize something because it’s playing live. This manner you've got the best hazard possible of having an amazing image.

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