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Trouble filtering by label in v3 IQ API


I've had no problems applying a filter on asset_type for my analytics requests.

I now want (instead of filtering by asset_type), to filter on a particular label.  Yet, no matter what label I use, I keep getting the following response:

 "message": "Error: Unable to fetch embed codes for label"


This is a label that I know exists, and I am able to use the backlot GUI to filter successfully for this label over the same date range.  I verified that I am having the same problem in scratchpad as I am in my python script.  In this example, I have a label called "AOL".


Here is the command I am using in scratchpad:



I'm pretty sure I have the filter syntax correct, as the following command returns valid results as expected:



Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Trouble filtering by label in v3 IQ API

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