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Update: The Latest Wordpress Plugin - 8/23/17

[ Edited ]

A new version of the Ooyala plugin has been committed to the shared plugins repository. v2.5 is a feature release and is intended to replace v2.4 and includes:

  • Fix several PHP warnings
  • Fix settings page validation bug
  • Move all Ooyala settings to a new top-level "Ooyala" admin menu item
  • Allow users to enable and configure analytics plugins that collect player interaction data
  • Fix bug which prevented per-video pcode overrides
The update is available in the wordpress.org (https://wordpress.org/plugins/ooyala-video-browser/) repository.

We encourage all VIPs using Ooyala to upgrade to this version by specifying the version parameter of wpcom_vip_load_plugin() like so:

wpcom_vip_load_plugin( 'ooyala', 'plugins', '2.5' );


Thanks for reading,


The Ooyala Team

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