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iOS Customize Skin

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Hello there,


I'm trying to make our player look like this:
Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 7.19.57 PM.png

But after 2 days of searching though all your documentation and even going through the source code for the player and skin, I cannot find anyway to accomplish this.


I'm sorry to say, but your documentation is one of the worse I have ever seen. It's impossible to find any useful information anywhere. All I can find is the basic stuff, like, configure your skin using the skin.json, but then looking at the schema, I still have no idea of what values I can put in there and what each of them do.


It would be awesome to know if I can achieve this layout or if it's not possible right now.



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Re: iOS Customize Skin



I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with our documentation, we are working on it. To achieve what you are looking for, you need to modify our "html5-skin.min.css".
Document: http://help.ooyala.com/video-platform/concepts/pbv4_css.html

You can modify in the control bar class the background, the width and move the margin. You can also use the display:none option to hide the buttons you don't want.


If you need further investigation, I would suggest opening a ticket in our portal.

Hope this helps,
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