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Downloading Source Files via Backlot V2 API

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Downloading Source Files via Backlot V2 API

by Ooyalan ‎01-10-2013 11:21 AM - edited ‎10-07-2013 10:54 AM (5,940 Views)

ID: TS-00111

How to download source files with the Backlot API using the Ooyala Scratchpad.


You need to download the source file of a specific asset using our API Scratchpad.



  • Go to our API Scratchpad Site (https://api.ooyala.com/docs/api_scratchpad).
  • Click on the ‘Your Account’ checkbox, and fill in your Backlot V2 API Key and Secret respecively.
  • Set the API route to /v2/assets/:embed_code/streams using the GET method and click the ‘Submit’ button.
  • In the lower text area you will receive a JSON response including specific information about each of the streams generated after the asset associated with the specified embed code was transcoded.
  • The first set of Hash values corresponds to the Source file stream, you can verify this by checking the ‘is_source’ key which should have the value set to ‘true’


 "video_width": "1920",

 "audio_codec": "aac",

 "file_size": "11894700",

 "muxing_format": "NA",

 "audio_bitrate": "0",

 "is_source": "true",

 "video_codec": "h264",

 "url": "http://cms.ooyala.com/gwb2toNeqwn25z5gERjk7Md7X2_MeW3s%2F1000000000000-0000011894741?Signature=2yWghbo7JKeP5obF0Bd%23Hrmgkd0%3D&AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAGUAIW1RKELHKXM1Q&Expires=1356756665&",

 "profile": "na",

 "video_height": "1072",

 "average_video_bitrate": "2933",

 "stream_type": "single"



  • To download the source file, simply copy and paste the value set to the ‘url’ key in your web browser, and the file will download.  

For security reasons the downloaded file will never have the original source file name and extension, this information has to be included manually from the end user side.

To retrieve the original source file name from Scratchpad, set the API call route to /v2/assets/:embed_code and use the GET method, you will find the source file name assigned to the ‘original_file_name’ key in the JSON response you receive back.