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Facebook Sharing - Notes to Consider

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Facebook Sharing - Notes to Consider

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Facebook sharing


This Article is to explain how to create an HTML code to enable Facebook Sharing and play the video in facebook itself.

When we try to share a video, sometimes the thumbnail only might appear and when we click on it, it will get redirected to the actual website and plays over there. But by using this code, you can create a link and enable playing in facebook itself. The below example can be used as a sample. Please change the details as per the video you want to share.


1. We support "Passive Sharing" which is when you are logged into aFacebook App or Via Facebook Connect (i..e Our old Miramax FB App, Netflix, Hulu, etc.) and opting in, it shares your viewing activity to Facebook on your behalf.

Documentation Link: http://help.ooyala.com/video-platform/concepts/facebook_passive_sharing.html

2. We also support "Active Sharing" is when you find a video on a website, click or copy the share link to Facebook, and then the video gets shared to your wall/news feed.

Documentation Link: http://help.ooyala.com/video-platform/tasks/facebook_active_app_setup.html



Please note that all meta tags mentioned in this example is mandatory and has to be filled as much accurate.  


Once you are done with filling the information, save the file and check in your own system for the functionality. If it is working fine, upload it to an FTP server and get the link. Post the link in the facebook account and it will work fine.


You can use the Facebook Debugger (http://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug) you can see what FB gathers from your page.  


Possible issues with domain restrictions:


  1. Whitelist: Be sure to add NO.JAVASCRIPT as an allowed domain or the player will not play.
  2. Blacklist: The player will not play at all because NO.JAVASCRIPT is blocked, there is no workaround but to stop using domain restrictions. We can not enable NO.JAVASCRIPT only for facebook, if we enable for everything or own JS code for the player will not work when a user with JS disabled loads the player, that is not desirable. 
  3. No whitelist or blacklist: Don't worry, you are fine and all will work out (smile) 


Please note that facebook does not support playback while using secure connection. Hence disable secure connection.