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Guide to Omniture Integration

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Guide to Omniture Integration

by Ooyalan ‎11-05-2013 07:47 AM - edited ‎01-05-2016 12:54 PM (2,973 Views)

We are happy to inform you that we support integration with Omniture’s Site Catalyst analytics suit to provide additional visibility to our video analytics.

We offer a SiteCatalyst Integration which allows Omniture to ping us, receive Ooyala Analytics, and roll them up into their Omniture reports. This includes plays, displays, and pause, along with 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% playthrough.


This feature can be enabled for any or all the players in an account.

We need the following basic information (if required you may contact Omniture/Adobe to obtain this information) to enable and configure the feature:

∗ Account Name
∗ DC
∗ Visitor Namespace
∗ Tracking Server
∗ Tracking server Secure
∗ cookieDomain periods
∗ Currency
∗ Character Encoding

The following parameters are optional (the default values used by us are given next to each parameter, and these will be used unless you specify a different value):
∗ Video Name: eVar2, prop2
∗ Segments: eVar3
∗ Content Type: eVar1
∗ Video Views: event1
∗ Video Segment Views (Event): event2
∗ Milestones 25%: event4
∗ Milestones 50%: event5
∗ Milestones 75%: event6
∗ Video Complete: event7


If you would like to enable Omniture SC-15 for your account, please contact Support with the above information. Please mention the Backlot IDs or provider IDs of the accounts for which you need this feature. If you wish to enable the feature only for certain players in the account, please include the list of those player IDs as well.