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Using Firebug to get Details of a Video

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Using Firebug to get Details of a Video

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ID: TS-0123

Firebug is a Firefox plug-in that inspects details of a web page, like the HTML layout, in real-time. It can be helpful to monitor HTTP traffic initiated by a web page, and present all collected and computed information.


Device Compatibility All
Operative System All
Browser Firefox


This tool is indispensable to:

  • Determine how the player is embedded.
  • Catch any traffic errors when calling API or Player components.
  • Determine if an Ad Server is being responsive.


1. Download Firebug


2. Setting up the option
    Click the button (See the red circle in below the Figure 2-1.)


Figure 2-1.

3. Check the details of a video and the web page by click the ‘All’ tap in the ‘Net’ tab.

Figure 3-1.


Figure 3-2.


Firebug Download
Introduction of Firebug Video Watch
More information about Net panel Click