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iPhone (Adaptive) MRSS Feed

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iPhone (Adaptive) MRSS Feed

by Ooyalan ‎06-18-2013 01:02 PM - edited ‎10-07-2013 11:20 AM (620 Views)

iPhone (Adaptive) MRSS


Depending on whether the account has iOS ABR enabled, this feed will return an m3u8 link, containing all of the assets iPhone compatible streams.


In order to create the feed you will need:


  • Feed Title

  • Feed Description

  • Hosted At URL

  • Select Content (All Content, Add Labels)


Feed example:



Content explanation:


  • Embed Code


<guid isPermaLink="false">Nzam10MToyqUy-0bMM2VHlxBNr8dBMY6</guid>


  • This links redirects to the asset’s Hosted At URL if available in Darkroom, otherwise it will redirect to the feed’s Hosted At URL.





  • Uploaded date


<pubDate>Thu, 11 Nov 2010 19:42:30 +0000</pubDate>


  • Labels assigned to the asset


<media:category scheme="http://www.ooyala.com">/Training</media:category>


  • Preview Image URL


<media:thumbnail url="http://ak.c.ooyala.com/Nzam10MToyqUy-0bMM2VHlxBNr8dBMY6/WAwqHvlwtX02Yugn5iMDoxOjBhOwYpZ3" width="320"height="176"/>


  • The m3u8 link

<media:content url="http://api.ooyala.com/syndication/m3u8_redirect?embed_code=Nzam10MToyqUy-0bMM2VHlxBNr8dBMY6&embed_ty..." type="h264"medium="video" expression="full" framerate="23.976" samplingrate="16.0" duration="153" lang="en"/>