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Re: Ooyala SDk for swift support

Hi Team ,

I checked the following apps 


Swift Sample App.



In this app you integrate the SDK and Play the video. But I need all the call back API details on Swift . Is it available or I shall wait for time ?

Could you replay me ASAP




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Re: Ooyala SDk for swift support



The SDK is over Objective-C, but you can import the SDK to your swift project and use the Objective-C classes and methods 


Here is the API DOC  for the ios mobile SDK:  http://apidocs.ooyala.com/ios_mobilesdk/annotated.html 




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Re: Ooyala SDk for swift support

Hi Team,


I've created the Support ticket for this case with the Sales Force ticket no : 00386117 and I've followed up there multiple times. I've then closed the case when you didn't responded per our workflow. 


Getting back to the original issue as my colleague responded that the SDK integrated within the swiftsampleapp is over Objective-C and you'll be able to see all the API calls within the vendor lbraries. If there's a specific requirement that you're looking for and isn't implemented within the SDK libraries then I would suggest that you please work with your app developers and they can modify the existing implementation to achieve the end goal.


Also, please let me know if you want me to create a new SF ticket for you or you want to continue the communication here itself ?



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Re: Ooyala SDk for swift support

I am planning to integrate Ooyala player in my project .I  need swift  support version SDK and sample source code for helping me to integrate. I am d