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Cleeng Paywall FAQ

by Community Manager ‎04-13-2015 11:19 AM - edited ‎04-13-2015 11:34 AM (2,272 Views)

This article covers our frequently asked questions and answers about Cleeng Paywall.



General Cleeng/Paywall questions


Q: How is the Cleeng Paywall different than the current paywall in Backlot?

A: The current paywall in Backlot is EOL and is no longer supported.



Q: What will happen to those using the current Backlot paywall?

A: EOL notice was sent out to customers who had accessed it recently. Once the Backlot paywall is EOL, it will no longer be accessible. Customers have been advised to move towards using one of our partners.



Q: How does the customer sign up for a Cleeng account?

A: Customers can register for free here: This is an Ooyala branded paywall, powered by Cleeng.

They allow for social login, so publishers can login with their facebook or Google+ account.

Once an account is setup through, the publisher can access their account in the future via both and and it will automatically be redirected to the Ooyala branded paywall UI.



Q: What is the pricing structure for using Cleeng?

A: Cleeng has a separate pricing structure for CleengLive (live offering) and CleengPlay (VOD offering.)


Cleeng has various pricing and options for VOD customers. There will be a monthly recurring cost for publishers interested in using their VOD offering. The latest VOD pricing can be found here:


Cleeng also has a separate pricing model for live. The difference in VOD and Live offering is that the support offering for Live is more stringent to satisfy SLAs.

You can also use their Live platform to run free events (even if it isn’t VOD).

For more information on Live pricing:



Q: What is the difference between their VOD and Live offering?

A: Their VOD offering charges a monthly fee for usage while the account is active. Based on the pricing tiers, you can get additional services, such as customization and account management. (See above topic on pricing structure.) Additional features for the VOD package include the ability to offer subscriptions, more advanced reporting and customization features from their professional services group.


Their Live offering charges on a per transaction basis for 2.9% + 99 cents per transaction or you can offer the event for free at no charge. A free event paywall allows the publisher to gather viewer information from registration and will not be used to collect any fees. The Live offering will include various levels of support depending on your event size.

Q: Why does Cleeng require a percentage of all transactions? [For Live]

A: However a provider chooses to accept payments, there will always be fees associated - from banks, credit card associations, payment gateways and so forth. Cleeng consolidates the costs into a single, easy-to-understand bundle, and additionally manages the administration of accounts and 1st line support for customers. Their costs are very comparable to what a provider would pay if they chose to "go it alone", and they deliver significant value.



Q: Will the Cleeng integration work for VOD and/or Live?

A: Yes, the Cleeng integration will work for both VOD and/or Live. The setup for both can be done via the Cleeng portal.



Q: What geos are supported?

A: The Cleeng solution can work in any geographical location.



Q: Is there any way to translate Cleeng so that the purchasing process can be in the publisher’s native language?

Yes. Anything outside of currently available languages will require work by their professional services group. Current language availability includes English, French, Dutch, Spanish.



Q: What would happen if a client with DRM tries to use this paywall solution?

A: If a customer is interested in using DRM, please contact the paywall solutions manager for how this can be implemented. Custom development work from Cleeng will be required.



Q: What happens if the customer’s credit card/payment system is rejected?



Q: Why does Cleeng require a minimum price for selling live events?

A: First of all the, minimum price for selling live events is 4.49 Euros. Once the VAT, customer support fee and payment methods fees are covered, there will only be a few cents left for you as revenue/ticket.



Q: Can the publisher set a preview video?

A: Yes, but the preview video can currently be YouTube only.





Q: Can I create multiple subscription packages?

A: Yes. Multiple subscription packages can be created.



Q: What types of subscriptions can be created?

A: Subscriptions can be created for a given frequency (weekly, monthly, quarterly…) or for a given topic (sports, music, kids, etc. depending on the labels that you  apply to the videos) or both.



Q: Can content be placed in multiple subscription packages?

A: Yes, the same content can be placed in multiple subscription packages.



Q: Can a viewer put a subscription on hold?

A: Yes.




Q: What happens when a viewer cancels a subscriptions?

A: For Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual subscription, cancellations are effective immediately. When the viewer cancels, the access and other benefits will end immediately and the viewer will receive a prorated refund (prorated to the day.) However, if they cancel in the final 30 days of the subscription, the cancellation will not take effect until the end of the current billing period. Access and privilege will continue to the end of the current billing period and no refund will be issued.



Payment and Fees for Live and VOD


Q: What is the minimum price a publisher can set for a live event?



Q: What is the minimum price a publisher can get for a VOD event?



Q: How much can publisher earn per ticket sold?



Q: If the default maximum price for a video is $99, how can I sell a video for more than $99?



Q: Since Cleeng is based in Europe, how does this affect taxes within the EU and outside the EU?

Co-branding the buying experience

Q: How can I brand my account and user experience?



Q: How do publishers offer a paywall protected event directly from Facebook?



Q: How does a publisher set up geo restrictions?



Q: Is using Cleeng Safe?



Q: Is there any way to protect my content?

At launch, Cleeng built out an integration with Ooyala Player Tokens. If a customer has OPTs enabled, there will be a checkbox in the Cleeng site to let the Cleeng system know to work with OPTs.


Cleeng can also easily work in co-junction with any DRM tool - at the moment access control is verified by Cleeng - a token can be 'generated' by the DRM solution in order to allow the playback. It would add an extra layer of security.

=> For API integrations, it happens on the publisher side once Cleeng has generated the entitlement of the content. So no involvement from Cleeng.

=> For Live/Play turnkey solutions publishers, the DRM module has to be created on the Cleeng side, we’re speaking about a 1 week dev/testing.

Q: What can a publisher do when a viewer wants a refund?



Q: How can a publisher deal with the fees associated with a microtransaction?



Q: A publisher wants to close out their account with Cleeng. What is the process?



Q: How often and when are payouts made?


Every month - under conditions described it the Publisher's agreement you can read here>>we proceed a payout of your earnings:

-the payout is made around 15th of each month. By default the deposit we keep per month is 5% of all your earnings.

-please note that there's a $100 threshold: if you accumulate less than $100, Cleeng will not make the payout. It will be postponed until the total of accumulated amount exceeds $100.

So for example if your earnings in April didn't reach $100, but in April and May you earned more than $100, we will make the payout on June 15th.

* In case a Publisher would like to close his existing Cleeng account and withdraw the remaining funds, they will be charged €/$ 15 administrative fees.



Q: How does the publisher get paid out?



Q: How does the publisher upgrade their account type? (Applicable to VOD packages only.)



Q: What are the support times for Cleeng?

9AM to 6PM CET. (12AM - 9AM PST)



More information on Cleeng FAQ Here



Cleeng Terms and Conditions



If you need a custom integration with APIs…

Please read about the Cleeng APIs here:

You should also contact the paywall solutions manager for more information of custom work from the Cleeng professional services team.