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Piano Paywall FAQ

by Ooyalan ‎10-09-2014 10:02 AM - edited ‎08-10-2017 07:43 AM (7,106 Views)

This article covers our frequently asked questions and answers about Piano Paywall.




Q: How does the customer sign up for a Piano account?

A: There is an Ooyala specific landing site from Piano that can be accessed here:



Q: Will the Piano integration work for Live Streams?

A: No. At this time, the Piano integration works for VOD only.



Q: What is the end to end workflow of the purchase process?

Please see the latest purchase process workflow (attached below).



Q: What geos are supported?

A: The Piano solution can work in any geographical location. However, all charges will be settled in USD when the publisher decides to move the money to their accounts.



Q: How does Piano transmit user payments back to the publisher?

A: Final payouts are currently settled in USD. If the transaction is completed in any other currency, the publisher will incur currency conversion charges.



Q: Does Piano store credit card and/or login information for Amazon/Paypal/Dwolla in a user's Piano account?

A: Amazon/Paypal/Dwolla credentials are not stored by Piano. Credit card information is stored by Piano by default when the user creates a Piano account.



Q: How does Piano ensure the security of the purchase process?

Piano is powered by Braintree. Piano is a PCI-DSS compliant provider.

Q: How is a sandbox account different than a real account?

A: In a sandbox account, you can demo the video setup and purchasing process without creating an active account or transacting real money.. The sandbox account will  not generate a confirmation email. A sandbox account is different than a publishing account, thus you will have to open an account under each, separately.



Product Features


Q: Is there any way to set paywall parameters for multiple videos at once?

A: No, not at this time.

Q: IDo all of the features being developed for the Ooyala/Piano integration apply to a Wordpress site?

A: Wordpress users can very easily use our integration, simply by cutting and pasting the embed code we provide into their Wordpress site, just like any other site can.  Just so you're aware, we have customers using our platform on Drupal, Squarespace, Alfresco, CQ5, Joomla, and pretty much every CMS on the market -- the Ooyala/Piano integration will work fine in all those cases.



Q:. What is Resource ID?

ResourceID is Piano' unique reference for any asset (a video, a playlist, a series of videos, a downloadable video, a PDF, a series of web pages, etc.).  We'll generate one for the publisher on this page, and they won't need to think about for the most part.  But if they want to, for example, grant free access to someone, they'll reference that video by its Resource ID.



Q: What will happen if the dimensions set in Piano are different than the Ooyala video in Backlot?

A: The Piano paywall pulls the dimensions directly from Backlot. Please verify that the information pulled is correct as it may display incorrectly in the browser. The dimensions need to be correct in order to create the correct overlay size in relation to the player.



Q: Once the Piano and Ooyala accounts are connected, how often do the accounts sync?

A: The accounts are synced in real-time, so they are always up-to-date when the publisher accesses their Piano publisher dashboard.

Whenever the end viewer clicks on a video for purchasing, the video information is pulled from Ooyala in real-time. Any changes made from Backlot (editing of title/description, removing of videos, etc) will be reflected when the user or publisher accesses the video.



Q: What happens if I delete a video from Backlot and a paywall is already attached to it?

A: In the Piano portal and in the purchasing page, a “video connection error” message will appear in the iframe on top of the video cover image.



Q: Can Piano automatically pull the title and description from Backlot? Are there character limitations for the title and description?

Yes. However, there is a character limit of 400 for the title and 4000 for the description. Piano also pulls the Resource ID and video dimensions automatically from Ooyala.



Q: Does "Minimum price" mean that a customer can pay more than the defined minimum price?

Yes. Customers may choose to pay any amount above the minimum price set by the publisher. This allows viewers to pay what they think the video is worth, and can serve as a donation.



Q: Does Paywall travel with player? Is in-player purchasing allowed? [In Progress]

Currently, the paywall does not travel with the player and in-player purchasing is not allowed.



Q: What happens if the customer’s credit card/payment system is rejected?

A: The ticket displays  an error and prompts the user  to retry with a different method. For a recurring payments, the user loses  access to their video subscription following the end of their last paid purchasing period.



Q: Is there a way for the end viewer to see when their next bill is due in the Piano Customer Dashboard?

A: Yes. When the end-user  logs into their Piano customer dashboard, their next bill date is displayed.



Q: Can multiple Piano accounts be associated with one Ooyala account?

A: Yes.



Q: What happens if a video asset is deleted in Ooyala Backlot - how will this show up in Piano?

A: The deleted video displays  in the Piano Publisher dashboard as a video with an error. For end-users, the video preview image is replaced with a “This video is no longer available” screen.



Q: Can we limit which payment options are available? If so, which ones?

A: Yes. This requires custom implementation work. . Please contact your  Ooyala representative  for more details.



Q: How do I remove the Ooyala API key connection from Piano?

A: From your home page, click on the Integration tab.  Then, click the “x” to delete the account. Verify that you want to delete the account.



Q: What happens to my videos once I disconnect my Piano Publisher Account from Ooyala Backlot?

A: All video information and paywalls are removed. Please be sure that you want to disconnect the account when you select to do so.