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New Idea

Add a link, as you've done for the Closed Caption file, so that the orginally uploaded file can be re-downloaded.





Dell Inc.


Example: I would like to search for assets that contain the text 'lightning' in either the name or description fields.


At this time I can only search name AND description, which isn't the same thing.


Currently the share URL comes in 2 formats
1) the automatically created ooyala URL (the current page).
2) a url applied to the specific video that only is active when that video is playing.

Both of these come with the following issues:
Facebook caches pages and thus open graph settings on that page for at least 24hrs, thus all videos shared from #1 will end up with the same share og:image, og:description and og:title as the current playing page.  This is ok if you are only playing a video on it's own page, but what about a playlist from the homepage or a grid layout of videos??

The #2 option is very limiting as the content can only be placed sucessfully on 1 site, not on many sites, thus it screws up syndication.  For example, when setting the URL to be for a video it will send all shares back to and not necessarly to the place where the video was shared from. 

What is needed is the ability to set at player.create time (or at onchange of video content) a new URL Share URL at that time.  This is kinda vital to be there for the player API.

If it is not ever going to be possible to get this change made programatically, then it would be much more sensible to have the option to set the Share URL with the Player in the Backlot and not the Video.  Thus a separate player could be created per site that the content will be placed on, and thus giving the site programmer the possibility to read the hash location of the URL and re-direct to the canonical URL and thus the correct Open Graph settings for that video. 

Please sort this out as facebook is kinda important to every website that I create or work with and it feels just plain wrong that we can't have a good configuration. 

Need the ability to view labels and metadata of objects returned without having to create a new query.




Option to have play controls NOT over video

Status: In Review
by dorian on ‎02-26-2013 05:12 AM

We have a client that hates having the play controls of the standard Ooyala player over the video as it obscures competition results, names & other onscreen information and Sub-titles.

Status: In Review



Keeping parity will the v2 channel placement is pretty important to us, at least until, the HTML5 rendering becomes much more ubiquitous.  


It feels like this use case is taking an unfortunate step back.






Companies like Dell need to be able to provide translated meta data (e.g. title, description, custom meta data), for each video, for the 28 languages we currently support.  While closed captions help with video content, the title, description, and video player controls, closed caption lists, need to be translated without having to re-upload the same video multiple times.



Integrate a support link into Backlot and future products

Status: Implemented
by Ooyalan ‎09-13-2012 09:59 AM - edited ‎09-13-2012 10:00 AM

Hi everyone,


Welcome to the "Ideas" section of the Ooyala community. This is the number one place to post your product ideas, feature requests and suggestions for the developer and product teams to review. The ideas that receive the most votes (kudos) will get the the highest priority when being considered for a future release.



To kick things off, I'm posting the first idea.


My idea is to add a Support tab in the Backlot UI. This tab would provide link(s) that point our users to the Support community and/or product documentation. Adding this tab will give our users a one-click connection to our support team, other Ooyala users and product resources. This feature could save users valuable time when looking for answers for their technical issues. If you like the idea, please vote (kudos) it up!




Status: Implemented

Need offset param for Analytics API

by on ‎04-19-2013 12:04 PM

Since there is a 500 result limit for analytics calls (ex. performance), it would be really helpful to have an "offset" parameter so that we don't have to grab the page token from each call.


If the offset was invalid, it should return null. 






change to documentation

Status: In Development
by dorian on ‎03-10-2013 09:42 AM - last edited on ‎10-27-2016 02:01 PM by Ooyalan

Still finding lots of problems with the documentation.  latest one is on this where the flash params for hide only hide things if there is no space between the options, but this is not detailed in the documentation and the options have spaces. 

Status: In Development
Thank you for the feedback. The writer who owns this content will update it. Cheers, Bruce

I would be great to add functionality for the HTML5 player, like there is for the Flash version.





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It would be oh, so swell, to have the ability to:


  1. GET(via API) the closed caption file as a JSON object to use with JSONP, or 

  2. Provide a function to GET the CC text like player.getClosedCaptionsJSON() 

  3. Upload SRT/WebVTT files explicitly

  4. Have Ooyala write their own Closed Captioning sytem for HTML5!





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Default playback to HTML5-fallback

by on ‎10-17-2014 11:31 AM

Currently, the default playback seems to be flash-only vs. html5-fallback.  We're receiving the "you need Flash" message when Flash is disabled, using V3 with no "platform" param.

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Improve the Search / Query API

by oconnor on ‎09-10-2013 05:33 AM

I have had a lot of issues working with the search API, some parts of it are great (The paging mechanism is lovely) but some are just awful and half baked. To complete search the following needs to be implemented

1. specifing AND or OR searches on multiple metadata fields


2. being able to orderby on ANY field in ASCENDING or DESCENDING (Why would updated_at not be directional?)          Why cant I order on flight_end_time as an example.


3. being able to find channels and channel sets that an asset is part of


The above items are essential in my view. The Search at the moment is practically unusable for what I need and I have had to build my own that downloads the thousands of assets and handle it internally.


What would be really nice to have though is being able to attribute a search to a USER id, and for search results to return whether that user has an entitlement to view that asset, currently we are doing multiple calls to Ooyala to ascertain this when a single call would be nice.






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Currently when you copy the embed code for the videos, channels, or whatever, it automatically has all the links using http://.  This is a problem when you try to use this on a webpage which already uses https://.  Microsoft IE in particular does not like this and throws up a security warning.


Our entire website uses Secure HTTP and before I can use the embed code from Backlot, I have to remove all of the "http:" values from the code I get from your website.


What I would suggest is for your embed code to drop the "http:" from all web addresses in the embed code like:




so that you link looks like:




That way your embed code will work on any web page and will automatically use the same secure or non-secure http: transport as the webpage itself.



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It would be VERY helpful to be able to drag and drop, and batch update videos, allowing us to change sub-accounts for videos.


Re-uploading videos account to another is very time-consuming (lots of manual labor).






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Great to have a support portal and be able to sign in and see the progress and history of a ticket but losing EMAIL to is a REAL PAIN.


(Unless I still can and I am mistaken?)


Often I might be out and about and just want to ping a quick email to support and have your system automatically raise a ticket or add it to the thread.



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Currently, when importing a YT video into Backlot, the video will not playback on an HTML5 player or native player in mobile.  We need the video stream to playback in these situations.



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Player V3 API to support fullscreen

by dorian on ‎02-26-2013 05:14 AM

I really can't understand why the fullscreen option is not supported by the player API.  It should also support fullscreening from an embeded iframe such as would be used on a facebook page

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force HTTPS/SSL option

by dorian on ‎02-26-2013 05:15 AM

Vital for facebook apps to work 100% and not give security errors on different browsers, the player API javascript should be delivered by both http and https as well should the video and images.