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Announcing Ooyala-Facebook Live Stream Integration

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Written by Eric Ivory



At today's Facebook Developer's Conference (https://www.fbf8.com/), Facebook announced its live streaming service (Facebook Live), and named Ooyala as a Media Solutions – Live Video Solutions partner. Ooyala-Facebook live integration (ooyala.com/facebooklive) enables Ooyala Live customers to publish instantly to a Facebook page using Facebook's Live Graph API (https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/live-video-api).

Here is an overview:








For Ooyala Live customers who subscribe to the integration service, setting up the integration involves a single extra step in the channel configurations instructions ( http://help.ooyala.com/video-platform/tasks/liveplatform_setup_channel.html ). When defining packaging (choose Ooyala Package) and encoding partners for a channel, you simply click the Facebook Syndication checkbox.





You also select Facebook_Output as the Encoder Output Profile. When you start the channel, you provide login credentials for the Facebook account you want to use, and then select a page (already created by the user in Facebook) on which you want to post the live stream. Facebook responds (behind the scenes) with the URL of the RTMP ingest point. Thereafter, the live stream appears in Facebook (the channel name becomes the title of the live stream).




Ooyala Live can also multicast an RTMP live stream to Facebook and Ooyala Players at the same time. In the Encoding setup, the second output (RTMP) goes to Facebook.


image2016-4-8 10_45_48.png


Ooyala will offer integration with Facebook Live as an additional subscription. Contact your Ooyala representative for details.







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