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Important Update Regarding Safari 10 and Flash

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Important Update:


Flash has been disabled by default in Safari 10, which started shipping with macOS Sierra on September 20th. Lack of default support for Flash will directly impact your viewers as they upgrade to Safari 10.

There's more: Apple, Mozilla, Microsoft, and Google have announced removal of Flash support in their latest OS platforms. As a result of this industry­-wide push for content publishers to move away from Flash, we expect that Flash will be widely disabled by 2017.

To help you navigate this industry­-driven change, we've put together this brief Q&A.


What does this mean for you?

As Safari 10 is more widely adopted and as Chrome disables Flash in the next few months, viewers will no longer be able to watch your Flash video content because the Flash plugin is disabled. It will still be possible for end users to enable Flash via their browser settings, should they be comfortable doing so.


What can you do?

As the industry moves to HTML5, we highly recommend that you migrate to Player V4 to maximize your video views and to give your customers the best possible experience. Migrating to Player V4 now will put you in the best position for success as Flash support declines quickly over the next few months. You'll be prepared for the HTML5 transition and you'll benefit from performance improvements, greater control over customization and robust integration with all major ad and analytics platforms.

What are the implications of not migrating to Player V4 now or in the near future? Simply this: Player V3 on the desktop may not play content once the industry shift to HTML5 is complete. Additionally, it will severely impact ad inventory fairly quickly, as the advertisers migrate their inventory off of Flash­based ads.


What are the next steps?

Our goal is to make your migration to the new Ooyala Player as seamless as possible. We suggest that you start at the Ooyala Player Migration Resource page, where you can get information and guidance on migration and planning. After you've reviewed these migration materials, contact your Account Manager or Tech Support to kick off the migration process.

We're excited about the move to our HTML5 player (V4) and want to assure you that your continued success is our highest priority. We'll continue to work to make this transition as seamless as possible.


The Ooyala Team

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