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Notification: Autoplay for Safari 11

The following information pertains to the blocking of unmuted autoplay video in Safari 11.




Apple and Google have both announced plans to block unmuted autoplay of video content within their desktop browsers, citing customer feedback around unwanted data consumption, power use and noise while browsing. While both companies have already blocked unmuted autoplay on mobile devices, Apple, with their release of Safari 11, is the first to block it on the desktop. Google has announced plans to implement blocking in their Chrome 64 release, which is planned for early 2018.


How Does This Impact You?


Blocking of unmuted autoplay in Safari 11 may impact your desktop playback experience. Specifically, viewers may see that content and ads, if they have been set to autoplay, have been automatically paused for them by the browser.


Not all customers will be impacted, however, we recommend you keep reading if:


  • You have autoplay enabled on the Ooyala Player
  • You have autoplay enabled and run preroll ads on the Ooyala Player
  • You use Ooyala Pulse for ad monetization using any video player set to autoplay


What Should You Do?


We are working on optimizing the user experience in Safari 11, and future versions of Chrome as details become available, and we will continue to release regular updates to our Ooyala Player and Ooyala Pulse. If you are still using Ooyala Player V3 or a self-hosted Ooyala Player, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to V4 in order to receive the latest updates. Please reach out to Customer Support or your Account Manager to assist with your upgrade.


In the interim, we suggest the following:


If you are using the Ooyala Player V4 and run preroll ads via Freewheel, Google IMA, VAST or VPAID, we recommend that you add new skin.inline attributes that expose player controls (Ooyala Pulse customers, please see section below). This will ensure that that if autoplay is blocked, your viewers will still be able to initiate playback by hitting the play button. Here is an example script:


<div id='container' style='width:640px'></div>


 var playerParam = { 'autoplay':true };

 // Update playerParam to show control bar during ads in Safari 11

 (function(playerParam) {

   try {

     // Detect if the browser is safari AND if it is running on Mac OS. Feel free to use other detection logic

     var isMacSafari = window.safari !== undefined && !!window.navigator.platform.match(/Mac/);

     if (isMacSafari) {

       // Parse the browser version

       var version = parseInt(window.navigator.userAgent.match(/Version\/(\d+)/)[1], 10);

       // If safari version is 11+, apply skin.inline update

       if (version >= 11) {

         playerParam["google-ima-ads-manager"] = { 'showAdControls': true },

         playerParam["skin"] = {

           'inline': {

             'adScreen': { "showControlBar":true }





   } catch (e) {

     // does nothing



 OO.ready(function() {

   window.pp = OO.Player.create('container', EMBED_CODE, playerParam);




Additionally, if you have enabled autoplay on your website, you may also consider adding an alert or message within your web page asking your viewers to add your site to the allowed list for unmuted autoplay. A sample script for a pop-up message can be found here.


For Ooyala Pulse customers, we have identified a solution and will be updating our SDK and plugins in the coming days. Customers using our latest plugins will get the fix automatically. If you have a custom integration you will need to update your integration by providing your content player's `<video>` element in the `sharedVideoElement` parameter to `createAdPlayer` (, when Safari 11 is detected (the same case as if any mobile web browser is detected).


We will continue to update you on any changes to autoplay and, as updates become available, post them to Ooyala Community and the Ooyala Help Center. If you have any questions, or need additional support, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Customer Support or to your Account Manager.



The Ooyala Team

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Re: Notification: Autoplay for Safari 11



I'm trying to autoplay a video in muted mode on safari 11 mobile on ios. The player configuration has { autoplay: true }. Videos play fine on desktop and mobile android however they will not play on ios safari. Any idea why?

I tried to also set mustFirstPlay to true in the configuration but this didn't have any effect.

I tried to invoke the play method on the player programatially thinking it would play. When I called this method I got this error: "Unhandled Promise Rejection: NotAllowedError: The request is not allowed by the user agent or the platform in the current context, possibly because the user denied permission.  This error was rooted at in main_html5.min.js:1:84536
with a call like this " var t =;" in ooyala plugin code.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,

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Registered: ‎01-18-2017

Re: Notification: Autoplay for Safari 11

Please try setting the iOS mode to inline, per that page-level param:


Please also see note for the Autoplay param here that also covers this: (you aren't using this param, but are effectively invoking the same brower autoplay blocking scenarios).


Also, iOS inline mode is required if you are enabling skippable ads on iOS, which may be relevant to your use-case. For more on that, please see:

Occasional Advisor
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Re: Notification: Autoplay for Safari 11



That's great! the videos are autoplaying...

However, the unmute button does not relaiably show on the video. Sometimes I see it others I do not. When the unmute button does not show, the user can't unmute since we don't show volume controls in our player.


Do you have any idea why the unmute button will sometimes not show up?


Thank you,