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Ooyala Product Updates May 2016

In this edition of the Ooyala product newsletter: Live stream to Facebook Liveall-new analytics for streaming devices, exciting new updates to Ooyala Player and Ooyala Pulsefree trial to increase video engagement and latest release notes.

Read on for details. And as always, thank you for being an Ooyala customer.


April Product Release



  • Better Live DVR experience
  • Integration with Ooyala Pulse
  • Universal ad loading across ad managers


Each month we roll out new features and updates to the Ooyala Player. In our most recent April release, we added: a new live DVR feature that allows a user to drag the slider backwards and then catch up to present time; a new Ooyala Pulse Ad Manager plugin that allows publishers to take full control over their ad inventory; an updated VAST ad manager that makes ad loading universal across ad managers and ensures more accurate ad impression numbers; and closed caption capabilities via the player skin. Please be sure to contact your account manager or technical support before you begin your migration.

Click here to view all of the Player V4 release notes.


Support for FairPlay and Widevine Modular DRM on Mobile



  • Native DRM on mobile for premium content
  • Reach the latest Android and iOS versions
  • Easily create native apps


We have added support for FairPlay playback in our iOS SDKs and Google Widevine Modular playback in our Android SDKs, providing a better mobile playback experience for protected premium content. This allows you to consistently cover the widest array of iOS and Android devices, including newer versions like iOS 9 and Android 6, and easily create native apps that provide wider coverage for video streaming, core playback and DRM functionalities.

Click here to view the release notes.



New Ooyala IQ analyzes streaming devices



  • Full analytics from streaming devices
  • One view of your content performance and audience behavior across players and devices


Body: Follow your audiences! With support for streaming devices, Ooyala IQ gives you the power to understand audience behaviour and content performance from connected devices like Roku, XBox, Apple TV, Chromecast and Sony Playstation. You can now get a single dashboard view of your data from any player, CMS or streaming device.


See our release notes to learn more.




Live stream to Facebook Live



  • Extend your Live audience to Facebook with just a push of a button
  • Interact with your Live audience in more ways

All of your live streams, ad-hoc events, scheduled live events or even linear programming can now be broadcast to Facebook, supported by an integration to Facebook's Live API. Reach a wider audience, and engage with them in new and interactive ways by taking advantage of additional features of Facebook's Graph API with access to your live video's comments, mentions and reactions.




More updates to HTML5 Ad Player



  • Customize your ad player skin


We have made a number of improvements to the HTML5 ad player that include: an updated Flash ad requester that will take over automatically if the ad player is unable to retrieve a VPAID1.0 ad thereby ensuring the ad is viewable; ability to get direct access to the HTML element of the ad players skin which allows you to customize the skin of the ad player whenever the ad player is available.


Updated Android Pulse SDK



  • Implement ad skipping feature for viewers


A number of new features have been added to the Android Pulse SDK including: publishers can implement ad skipping for their viewers and get more information about ad breaks. This gives publishers more information such as the number of total and remaining playable ads, giving publishers more options within the current ad break.





For details on these features and more, check out Ooyala Video products release notes and Ooyala advertising products release notes.  To receive regular updates, subscribe here.



Sign up for a free trial to increase video engagement


Thanks for tuning in to our Ooyala Discovery webinar on April 5th. We hope you found the content to be informative. If you missed it, you can download the deck from the webinar, or watch the webinar recording. Contact your Customer Success Manager about signing up for an Ooyala Discovery free trial. If you'd like to talk more, feel free to contact us at

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