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Registered: ‎05-21-2013

Player 4 security concern



We have a customer that will not allow our videos to play using the Player 4 code because their IT department's security software flags this scrpt as malicious:


Is there any way to address this? I can't really change all of our content links for one person, but wasn't sure if there's a way to ease their mind or fix this.



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Re: Player 4 security concern



Thank you for your question!


That is the main plugin of the Ooyala Player and should not be marked as dangerous. 


Could you please share more details regarding why your customer is flagging the script as malicious? Also, What is the web browser and operating system that they are using?


If you feel more comfortable sharing these details in a Support Case, please go ahead and we'll gladly help you!



Marco Velasco.

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Re: Player 4 security concern

Yes that's what I suspected. Thanks for the confirmation.

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