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Twitter Video Cards: Twitter Policy on Mixed Content

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Hi everyone,


As some of you in the Community have heard, Twitter is stepping up enforcement of its mixed content policy. In a nutshell, because Twitter tweets occur in a secure environment (SSL) they require all media that loads/plays there to also adhere to secure standards.


For example, if you’re using using a custom module that makes a HTTP (and not HTTPS) request to some backend system, this will violate Twitter's security policy, as it introduces non-secure content (the HTTP reference) with secure content.


If Twitter has notified you that your current integration does not follow its policy, please submit a ticket via the Ooyala Support portal. Be sure to include a link to your player on the Twitter platform.


Finally, it’s important to note that we are in communication with Twitter’s platform team. They understand that we are actively working on resolving the issues outlined below.



Adam Sewall

Product Manager, Monetization & Platform Integrations


Known issues

We have identified and fixed several issues on our end. Two remain outstanding. The first relates to RTMP and video delivery via non-HTTPS protocol, while the second involves how player resources are loaded. Our engineering team is actively working on solutions to both. An update on timing will be provided as soon as possible.


Steps you can take now

In many instances, Ooyala doesn’t directly control what modules and other resources are loaded by your player. Common examples include third-party ad network tags and analytics modules that aren’t offered via a standard Ooyala integration. If you’ve identified non-HTTPS resources of this kind, please contact the relevant third-party to update to SSL.


Unknown issues

If you identify other non-HTTPS content types in your Twitter Card integration, please submit a ticket via the Ooyala Support portal.