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Update: Companion Banner Tracking for Ooyala's VAST Module

[ Edited ]
Hello Ooyala customers,
We have rolled out an update to our VAST ad module. The following information will pertain to you if your Ooyala deployment meets the following criteria: 
  • You are using the V3 version of Ooyala's Flash player
  • You are using our VAST ad module to traffic in-stream ads with companion banners. Note: if you are not trafficking companion banners, no additional action is required.  
What is being updated? 
This update allows publishers to specify at the page level when to ping companion creativeView tracking URLs -- namely when the banner is displayed in the ad container <div> on the publisher's webpage. After September 17, Ooyala's VAST module will by default NOT ping the companion creativeView tracking URL.    
What do I need to do?
Publishers wishing to make use of Ooayla's new companion-tracking solution will need to make a small update to their web pages.
Per the IAB's guidelines, Ooyala's VAST 2.0 module was designed to fire the relevant creativeView tracking URL whenever a companion banner is returned in the VAST response. (IAB VAST 2.0 specification: "The creativeView should always be requested when present.")
The result has been that the Ooyala player pings the relevant creativeView tracking URL regardless of whether the companion is actually displayed. For publishers without an ad manager and/or their own companion tracking script, this design made it difficult to properly track companion ad view events. This update aims to provide a companion-tracking solution for Ooyala publishers that are not already using their own solution. 
Final note: companions & CTR
It's important to note that, as a general rule, ad networks and other buyers that place ads on a CPM basis do not pay for companion impressions -- rather, all ad revenue is generated by the in-stream video ad. Companion banners can have a small, positive impact on click-thru rate (CTR) however, and should be included in your website design wherever possible. 
1. Please review the HTML examples below.
2. As scripted, the page will listen to WILL_SHOW_COMPANION_ADS event and modify the companion div called 'cad' with the first ad's creativeView URL.
3. When the companion banner is displayed, the page will then ping the corresponding creativeView URL. 
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN"

<html lang="en">
	<title>VAST Flash Demo</title>
	<script src=''></script>
	<script src=""></script>
	<script src=""></script>

	<div id='player_container' style='display:inline-block;width:640px;height:480px'></div>
	<div id='cad' style='width:300px;height:250px;border:1px solid black; background-image:url("img/300x250companion.png")'></div></br>	

	var player = OO.Player.create('player_container', 'F4cHVqZDrC6HRLOgEPBU56S4SvDpgAFu',{
		onCreate: function(player){
                        // Listen to WILL_SHOW_COMPANION_ADS event
			mesb.subscribe(OO.EVENTS.WILL_SHOW_COMPANION_ADS, 'ads', OO._.bind(showCompanionAds,this));
			mesb.subscribe(OO.EVENTS.ADS_PLAYED, 'adDemo' ,_.bind(adsPlayed,this));

			player.mb.subscribe('*', 'test', function(event) {
          	  if (!event.match(/playheadTimeChanged/)) {
		          console.log(event + JSON.stringify(arguments));

	          if (event.match(/playing/)) {

	function showCompanionAds(eventName,companionAds){
		// Modify 'cad' div
                var img = OO.$("<img>");

                // Ping tracking URLs
		for (var index = 0; index <[0].creativeViewUrl.length; index += 1)
			$.ajax( {url:[0].creativeViewUrl[index], dataType: 'jsonp',} );
	function adsPlayed(){
		$('#cad img').hide();

Please let us know if you have any questions.
The Ooyala Team
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Re: Update: Companion Banner Tracking for Ooyala's VAST Module

Is there a way to easily tell if we're using V3 of the Ooyala Flash player?
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Re: Update: Companion Banner Tracking for Ooyala's VAST Module

Nevermind - studying the HTML snippet answered my question.