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What is Video Conversion really?!

Can someone please explain what video conversion rate is? 


I think if we have a high video conversion rate people are clicking out of pre-roll before watching the actual video plays. Or is it the opposite. Anyway hope someone can help me out. 

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Re: What is Video Conversion really?!

Hello drubiowreg!


Thanks for your post. In Analytics IQ there are 2 types of conversion rate:


  • conversion rate, play: ratio of plays requested to display events. For instance, videos that are displayed on high traffic pages, but are not played, will have low conversion rates.
  • conversion rate, video: ratio of start events to plays requested events. The Video Conversion Rate is useful where you have some form of "bumpers" before the video starts or runs pre-roll ads to track the abandonment rate of consumers that quit before the requested video begins.

If you have a high video conversion rate, that means your viewers are actually watching the content after the pre-roll. For instance if there were 10 plays for a video, and 8 "start" events so 8 people actually watching the content, this means your conversion rate will be 8/10 so 80%. But if we only track 2 start events, this would mean that only 2 people actually watch the content so giving you a conversion rate of 20%.


Hope that helps, let us know any further questions.

Have a great day!


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Re: What is Video Conversion really?!

The way things are reaching out to people they will surely prefer watching the pre-roll so many sure to have things rolled out that way so you don't miss out the CTR.