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iOS 11 Screen Recording Feature and Video Piracy Concerns

[ Edited ]

With iOS 11, Apple has added a new screen recording feature that makes it easy for any user to record a video playing on an iOS device. This feature includes enabling recording of audio and video during playback on the Ooyala Player (or any other industry player), when not using DRM encryption. We are in communication with Apple on this issue, but the following describes the current situation and options:


iOS Applications: While there is no way to prevent screen recording on iOS 11 native apps, there are new APIs on UIScreen for native iOS applications that can used to detect when the screen is being captured so that you can take appropriate steps to prevent recording:


UIScreen.isCaptured Instance Property

UIScreenCapturedDidChange Notification Type Property


The contents of a screen can be recorded, mirrored, sent over AirPlay, or otherwise cloned to another destination. UIKit sends the UIScreenCapturedDidChange notification when the capture status of the screen changes. (The object of the notification is the UIScreen object whose isCaptured property changed. There is no userInfo dictionary.) Your application can then handle this change and prevent your application content from being captured in whatever way is appropriate for your use (stopping playback and notifying viewers, logging that a recording took place, etc.)


The utilization of these methods to detect and suspend playback during recording would need to be added at the application code level to detect recording and prevent playback.


Mobile Web: For playback on Safari Mobile, we have not found a way to block the iOS 11 feature for recording video playback, nor have we found any methods for programmatically detecting that screen recording is occurring within a web page. We will continue to look for a solution here. Also note that since FairPlay DRM is not supported on Safari Mobile, there are currently no DRM options to block recording of video in the Safari Mobile environment.


If you have further questions or concerns, please contact Ooyala technical support.

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