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Ooyala Player back to Initial state

Hi Team,


In the Ooyala Video player after video finishes, we need to show the thumbnail of the initial state of the player. For example


The initial state of the player is.initial_state_player.png


After player ends we get this state end_state_player.png


So we need to implement the initial state of the player(Refer screenshot 1 ) to the video ends(Refer screenshot 2). Can you help us to implement this functionality? 




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Re: Ooyala Player back to Initial state



Thank you for contacting us.


The easiest way to achieve this is to use the configuration available in the Skin.JSON. There, you'll find an option called "screenToShowOnEnd", where you can set the value true to "showReplayButton". This will show the replay button on the end screen.


For more details, please visit this guide about how to customize the Player using the Skin.JSON:



Also, please refer to its documentation here:



Let us know if you have any other question!

Ooyala Technical Support Team.

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Re: Ooyala Player back to Initial state



Thanks for the information.

what we want to do is at the end of the video we want to show start screen instead of anything else. 

We tried it with editing endScreen object in skin.json but it is not working,


"endScreen": {
  "screenToShowOnEnd": "start"


Could you please mark this ticket as urgent and give us a solution.


Thank you.