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Ooyala player not loading videos on HTTPS/SSL

Hi, we just switched our site to HTTPS and we discovered that none of the videos are working.


The issue seems to be that the video URLs returned from Ooyala are not HTTPS and this causes the video not to play as the URLs are blocked.


We looked in Backlot for an option to switch to HTTPS but there are none.



Can you please enable this on an account level? An example embed code for you to test: 12aXY5MTE6sGeOfdhAo_vEaqgajYwfRi that you may require.



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Re: Ooyala player not loading videos on HTTPS/SSL

Hi firas,


This is due to mixed content and your account is not configured to deliver content via HTTPS.


Could you help us by opening a case so we can proceed with the change, please?.



Ooyala TS