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Sandbox API or developer accounts



I couldn't find info about dev accounts or a sandbox for the Backlot API.


How can I get an account to test my integration with the API?





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Re: Sandbox API or developer accounts

Hi Amaury!


Currently we do not offer a sandbox/dev environment.


The approach that usually is taken is to create two different Backlot accounts. One for testing and another one for production.


Please let us know if there is any question.




Ooyala Technical Support


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Re: Sandbox API or developer accounts

The main advantage of using API virtualization is that application testing can begin almost immediately. Without virtual APIs, application teams have to wait until APIs are nearly complete before testing could begin in earnest, which meant that errors were harder than necessary to fix because a lot of the code was already finalized. Using API virtualization means that the testing process can begin earlier and problems fixed with greater ease. You can create a sandbox for your own exclusive use. But if you are an API provider, you probably want to create a sandbox for third-party developers to use. If you’re an API consumer, having a shared environment also allows you to leverage the virtual APIs created by other members of your team.