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LivePlatform Server Transcoding Streaming LG G2 Play error issue

Hi, I'm Jaemin in Korea(CJPowercast, partner of Ooyala OVP)


I tested the LivePlatform product of ooyala.
but, some of our client has claim for it.
his phone can't play the stream using ooyala.
so, I downloaded the m3u8 and ts file on cdn.
and check the codec. the file has a h264 avc main profile codec.
it's not working on our client's phone(LG G2 and GPro, GPro2) using basic player.
but, another way, I tested a h264 avc baseline profile codec steam in ooyala vod
and wowza server live streaming as same source signal. it's working.

so, I share the issue to our ooyala supporter. but, it's response is so slow.
our client want to know it. please let me know that
how to change the liveplatform stream codec to h264 avc baseline profile.


Jaemin Hwang

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Re: LivePlatform Server Transcoding Streaming LG G2 Play error issue

Hi, All


This is Self Reply.

Please someone check the issue and review it.


I also tested this issue again.

My past test has something wrong.

because The LivePlatform's baseline profile codec stream still does not working on LG G2 and etc..

I tested this issue using apache server like ooyala LivePlatform.

because I saw the streams well on another stream server(it's wowza, I tested using LG G2 phone).

so, I think the ooyals's LivePlatform stream server has some problem.

I capture the http response of two different server(ooyala-amazon-apache and wowza).

and I adjust the apache's http reponse setting and test the same m3u8 and ts files on ooyala server.

but, I can't find the correct cause of stream issue.

I can't still play well on LG G2 phone using LivePlatform.


[ooyala stream server's http response header]

Access-Control-Allow-Headers →origin,range,accept-encoding,referer
Access-Control-Allow-Methods →GET,HEAD,OPTIONS
Access-Control-Allow-Origin →*
Access-Control-Expose-Headers →Server,range,Content-Length,Content-Range,Date
Cache-Control →max-age=2
Connection →keep-alive
Content-Length →312
Content-Type →application/x-mpegURL
Date →Tue, 04 Oct 2016 13:41:55 GMT
Server →Apache/2.2.31 (Amazon)
X-Elemental-Delta-Cache →MISS


 => I can't adjust the keep-alive option usig apache.

    (My apache server always response the keep-alive timeout and max, but ooyala doesn't response it)


[ooyala backlot vod, it's working on LG G2]
Accept-Ranges →bytes
Access-Control-Allow-Origin →*
Cache-Control →public, max-age=300
Connection →keep-alive
Content-Encoding →gzip
Content-Length →189
Content-Type →application/x-mpegurl; charset=utf-8
Date →Tue, 04 Oct 2016 13:40:53 GMT
Last-Modified →Tue, 04 Oct 2016 13:40:53 GMT
Vary →Accept-Encoding
X-Ooyala-Server-Id →i-1e95a3f3
X-Varnish →2910805649
X-Varnish-Cache →MISS
X-Varnish-IP →



I don't think just the keep-alive option is currect cause.

I think it's some server setting of tcp layer protocol and LG G2's player logic.

but, I can't ignore the client of LG G2.

because another stream service can stream on it.

please check the issue and let me know it.



Jaemin Hwang

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Re: LivePlatform Server Transcoding Streaming LG G2 Play error issue

The m3u8 files is not supported in Android native player, that's why is not being able to get a playback. 
To be able to get a playback you need a player with a plugin able to play m3u8's in an Android environment. The Ooyala player has the bit_wrapper plugin with which you will be able to reproduce HLS (.m3u8) encoded streams in Android.

HDS it's supported in an Android native player if you want to use the streams instead of the embedcode and the Ooyala player


It is more likely that the output profile you have assigned to your live platform account has only HLS outputs, check if there's a ".f4m" (HDS) stream for your embedcoce if so you can use that stream to get a playback in Android

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Re: LivePlatform Server Transcoding Streaming LG G2 Play error issue

Hi, Edgar


 Thank you for your reply.


I knew the HDS function of live platform.

but, this case has some restriction of existing client environment.


1. we can use only hls stream

2. we can't use ooyala player, we cna use just stream url


our customer is one of contents provider and they provide own hls stream to service platform.

the platform's player can play just hls(mobile service). customer's existing wowza hls stream is working well.

but, we have to change it to ooyala's liveplatform and it can't stream well on LG G2 phone.

service platform's existing client claim this issue and we can't provide live hls using ooyala.

we have to find solution of it.


our customer has one encoder for live platform(main/backup) and they want use one source-multi using.

so, there are no additional encoder stream for ooyala live.

if there are no solution to resolve the LG G2 issue, we have to drop the service or liveplaform.


Is it just android's issue? I agree the device issue.

but, unfortunately another stream server(almost apache stream server and wowza) 

can stream it on LG G2 phone well.

I saw the stream server belongs to Amazon. there are some amazon's opinion?

if ooyala' live platform stream server can't stream on LG G2 phone,

we will change the stream server or retranscoding the stream using another stream server or drop it.


 please refer to my response and check the live platform stream function for LG G2 and GPRO, GPRO2.

why they can't play stream using ooyala live platform?