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Please see below important information about products that Ooyala will be deprecating over the coming weeks - primarily products, apps and plugins that deliver Flash-based video experiences.


Ooyala Player V2 and V3 Deprecations


Modern browsers no longer fully support Flash video. In order to deliver the best playback experience, all customers need to transition to HTML5-based video playback. As a result we will be ceasing all development work on Ooyala Players V2 and V3 as of July 31st 2017. After July 31st, Player V2 will no longer be maintained under any service level agreement.


Since Player V4 is able to playback existing Flash (HDS) assets, re-processing Flash assets to HLS or DASH for full HTML5 playback experience should not be a barrier to migration. However, given that browsers are blocking Flash video playback, the sooner you are able to re-process your assets, the better. Ooyala Player V4 is also now fully hosted by Ooyala in order to help streamline your migration process and make ongoing maintenance and upgrades easier on you.


Please contact your account manager or customer support to schedule a time to discuss your migration.


We are also hosting two webinars on June 15 to answer any questions you might have regarding your migration. The sessions will be recorded and available afterwards too. For EMEA- and Americas-based customers, register here. For APJ-based customers, register here.


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Hook Application


Now that that Chrome Mobile offers excellent HTML5-based video playback on all Android devices, Ooyala will be deprecating its Hook Application. The Hook App will be removed from the Google Play store on June 15 to prevent any further downloads and playback on any installed applications will no longer work after July 31. References to the Hook app for video rendering should be removed as soon as possible.


If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or Ooyala Support.


Adobe Access


Due to its reliance on Flash, Ooyala will no longer support Adobe Access for live and VOD content after August 31. Please contact your account manager or technical support as soon as possible and we will help you reprocess your content to take advantage of HTML5-centric DRM solutions such as Widevine Modular (Google), Apple Fairplay, and PlayReady (Microsoft) as soon as possible to prevent your videos from being blocked by web browsers.


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Akamai HD2 Plug-in


We will be deprecating the Akamai Plug-in for Flash-based HD2 playback for Ooyala Player V4 as of August 31 and the plug-in will move to maintenance-only mode (no new features; bug fixes only) starting June 1. Please contact your account manager or technical support as soon as possible and we will help you update your player configuration to take advantage of HTML5-centric stream and security formats.


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OSMF Plug-in


We will be moving our OSMF Plug-in for HDS playback for Ooyala Player V4 to maintenance only mode beginning June 1. The end-of-life date has not yet be set for this plugin. We encourage all Player V4 customers to remove any dependencies on this plugin as soon as possible. Please note that the bit_wrapper.js plugin can be utilized for Flash-based playback, except for Flash content secured by Adobe Access.


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Live Streaming in Backlot

We will be end-of-lifing the live streaming feature in Backlot effective June 30 and providing complimentary upgrades to our Ooyala Live platform to stream your live content. Ooyala Live is a richer, more scalable platform to stream and monetize live content than what you’re currently using today in Backlot. Please contact your account manager to get the Live Platform provisioned for you and to walk you through the steps required to migrate.

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