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Registered: ‎11-13-2018

Ooyala HTML5 Player: Upside-down Camera Shoot & Video rotation issue

Sometimes during a camera shoot, the operator prefers to hold the camera upside down to record the video.


Note: The video capture device records the rotation attribute as part of the video’s metadata. The rotation attribute will be equal to a value of 0, 90,180, or 270 depending on the camera holding position. The degree of rotation is relational to the upright camera rotation value.


Video playback preview


When such upside-down shot videos are viewed (for previewing purposes) on a mobile phone or a laptop, the Ooyala HTML5 Player displays the video playback in an upside-down manner (precisely the way in which the video was shot).




Importance of the Rotation attribute


When the upside-down videos are ingested/transcoded for publishing, the Ooyala HTML5 player checks the metadata rotation attribute and plays the video as per the specific rotation value mentioned in the metadata file.




  • The user should not consider the auto-rotate feature of a video player as it might not resolve the rotation issue.
  • The ingestion/transcoding processing does not change the rotation attribute.


Possible solutions


Metadata update solution

  1. Check the Metadata - Download the source video footage to your desktop/laptop. Using any metadata editor tool, check the metadata rotation value of the source file. If the video is shot upside-down, the rotation attribute value would be 180.
  2. Update the Metadata - Change the rotation attribute value to the new required value.


Video edit solution

Import the videos into video editing/compositing software, such as Adobe Premiere or Adobe After Effects, and manually rotate the source video as needed.




We are glad to inform our users that we are working on an auto-rotate feature in our Ooyala HTML5 Player. It will detect video footages that were shot upside-down and will play them in upright mode. Click here to subscribe to our latest updates and newsletter.